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Israel Brags of Getting Military Support by the Planeload

The Israeli Defense Ministry bragged, yesterday, about all of the military aid it is receiving in support of its Gaza operation. In a statement, the ministry said that the 200th cargo plane carrying military equipment for the army had arrived in Israel, reported Türkiye’s Anadolu Agency. “Since then, over 10,000 tons of military equipment were delivered to Israel since the beginning of the war,” the ministry said. No breakdown as to which countries all those planeloads of death came from, but number one has to be the U.S. and number two is likely the U.K.

Many U.K. flights and U.S. flights stage through RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus, but as Declassified UK reports again today, the U.K. Ministry of Defense is refusing to confirm the role of its Cyprus air base in the flow of weapons to Israel. “The Ministry of Defense does not comment on information about Allies’ operations,” Armed Forces Mminister James Heappey replied to a question from MP Kenny MacAskill on Dec. 5. MacAskill had asked how many U.S. Air Force flights had flown from RAF Akrotiri to Israel since Oct. 7.

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