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Israel’s 'Ethnic Cleansing' Document Made Public

Previously, the drive from Israeli PM Netanyahu, within a week of the Oct 7 assault upon Israel, upon US President Biden (and others, including French President Macron) to pressure Egypt into accepting the 2.2 million Palestinians in Gaza, has been known publicly. Yesterday, the full 10-page, official document from Israel’s Ministry of Intelligence on Oct. 13 that Netanyahu was working from was divulged. It elaborates on the explicit ethnic cleansing policy being pushed.

Mekomit’s article by Yuval Avraham, entitled “The complete document of the Ministry of Intelligence: occupation of Gaza and total transfer to its residents,” relates: “The document recommends that Israel act ‘to evacuate the Gazan population to Sinai’ during the war: to establish tent cities and new cities in northern Sinai, which will accommodate the deported population, and then ‘to create a sterile zone of several kilometers inside Egypt and not allow the population to return to activity or residence near the Israeli border.’ At the same time, countries in the world, and primarily the USA, must be harnessed to implement the move.”

The Intelligence Ministry, headed by Likud’s Gila Gamliel, doesn’t gather intelligence, but prepares policy papers for the Cabinet. Avraham wrote that an “official at the Ministry of Intelligence confirmed” this is “an authentic document, which was distributed to the security system on behalf of the Ministry’s Policy Division, and ‘was not supposed to reach the media’.”

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