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‘Jesus in the Rubble’ Comes to St. Patrick's Cathedral on ‘Feast of the Slaughter of the Innocents’

Nativity Scene of Jesus in the Rubble St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Fifth Ave 51 Street, New York City.

On Thursday, December 28th, at Noon, a nativity scene will be set in front of St. Patrick’s Cathedral on Fifth Ave, NYC in commemoration of the Feast of the Slaughter of the Holy Innocents by Herod the Great ruler of Judea when Jesus was born in Roman-occupied Palestine. All male babies under 2 years of age were reported to have been slain by order of Herod according to the Gospel of Matthew in the New Testament. The theme of the 2023 Nativity Scene is that Mary, Joseph, and Jesus would likely be incinerated if Herod had Lockheed-Martin Hellfire Missiles, General Dynamics 155mm shells, and General Atomics Reaper drones.

Christian Pastors in Bethlehem of Israeli-occupied Palestine are canceling the celebration of Christmas this year in the very town where Jesus was born. The Christian leaders in Bethlehem testify they cannot celebrate as fellow Gaza Palestinians are being murdered by Israel with United States approval and assistance. American Christian churches have been, with few exceptions, silent about the ongoing genocide of the people of tiny Gaza. Cardinal Timothy Dolan leads NYC Catholics yet speaks only of Hamas and not the genocidal acts of terror by Israel.

Gaza is as wide as the distance between Central Park and Wall Street. And as long as the distance from Manhattan’s 180th St. to the Staten Island Ferry dock. Over 20,000 known people have been killed in Gaza Strip and thousands more uncounted under the rubble of Israeli terror from planes, tanks, howitzer 155mm shells, and other weapons of mass destruction.

Gaza has no tanks, no bomber aircraft, no helicopter gunships, no warships nor howitzers artillery. Some may say there is no war and that the Israeli slaughter is more like shooting fish in a barrel.

Some may question the veracity of the New Testament account of Herod’s slaughter of the Holy Innocents. There is no question of the truth of the Palestinians innocents being slaughtered by the thousands over the past ten weeks by the modern-day tyrant, Bibi Netanyahu.

The organizations supporting this Nativity Scene demand an end to sending weapons to the Israelis and for every Christian church to educate their flock that the work of Zionists is not the work of the Jewish people. The slaughter is that of a fanatic self-serving organization far removed from the cry for justice of Jews who love and respect all people.

The St. Patrick’s Jesus in the Rubble sponsors:

International Peace Coalition

NYC Catholic Worker

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