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Leading Israeli Daily Declares the Time Has Come To ‘Dethrone King Bibi’

"King Bibi." @netanyahu X page.

“Dethrone King Bibi Now” is the title Haaretz gave its lead editorial, published in its Hebrew and English editions in Israel on Dec. 25. This is not the first time Haaretz has called for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his government to be replaced. But now, Haaretz argues that the conditions exist to resume the huge protests against Netanyahu and his government that shook Israel for months before Oct. 7. At that time, the protests were focused against Bibi’s dictatorial “judicial reform;” now, their focus will be “King Bibi’s” responsibility for creating the conditions that led to Oct. 7 and the current war.

Haaretz presents its case:

“Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is the one who bears the greatest blame for the security, diplomatic and social failures that led to the October 7 massacre and the outbreak of war. The thousands who protested on Saturday night in Tel Aviv, Haifa and Caesarea, calling for him to be deposed, prove that conditions have matured for the protests to be resumed and to expand the ranks of those taking to the streets.

“And, there is nothing more warranted than the protests against Netanyahu. Yes, now. Yes, now, during a war—especially during a war. There is nothing more warranted than deposing him. It is only the shock that struck the state on that bloody Saturday [Oct. 7]—which has become a turning point in Israel’s history—that led the protest movement to grind to a halt.”

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