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‘Renewables’ Chancellor Scholz in Dubai

Climate change remains “the great global challenge of our time,” said German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in his speech at the COP28 in Dubai, yesterday, claiming that “the technologies are there: wind power, photovoltaics, electric drives, green hydrogen.” Scholz called for a tripling of the volume of installation of renewables for national energy supplies, bragging that Germany was marching ahead with the resolute intent to be totally “climate-neutral” by 2045.

Germany now spends around €10 billion a year on international climate policy and also contributes €100 million to the newly established disaster fund, said Scholz. This fund is intended to help poorer countries better cope with damage already caused by climate change, such as drought or flooding.

Scholz appealed to “the countries whose prosperity has grown enormously over the last three decades and which today account for a large proportion of global emissions,” without naming the countries, most likely addressing China though, which earlier he said should pay into the disaster fund.