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‘Results of the Year With Vladimir Putin’: Putin on The ‘Rules-Based World Order’

During his year-end question and answer session with Russian citizens and journalists from around the world, Vladimir Putin had a noteworthy comment on the “rules-based order” of the West:

“As for the rules-based world order, there are no such rules in reality. They change every day depending on the current political situation and the immediate interests of whoever is talking about it. How will this affect the situation? It will affect it in the right direction. It will show that there are quite a large number of forces in the world, powerful countries that want to live not by these unwritten rules, but by the rules prescribed in fundamental documents, including the Charter of the United Nations, and those that are guided by their own interests and the interests of their partners. They do not impose anything on anyone, do not create any military blocs, but create conditions for joint effective development.

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