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A major company profiting heavily from many military jet engine contracts, including the most expensive series of aircraft ever built, could be getting large advance contracts instead to build small modular nuclear reactors for desalination and power. The LaRouche “Oasis Plan,” to provide freshwater and new infrastructure throughout the region of Palestine and Israel, will need these reactors in this decade; so, too, will the huge task of desalinating water for the drought-plagued and slowly desertifying North American West.

General Electric Corp., now GE/Hitachi or GEH, has many multihundred-dollar or multibillion-dollar military contracts—for engines for fighter planes and bombers, tanks, APCs, and other military vehicles. What stands out currently is a $975 million 2023 contract for “next generation engines” for the F35A and F35C nuclear-capable fighter-bombers. The total costs for the F35 series of fighter bombers over recent years has exceeded $1 trillion. Along with the B21 “Raider” bomber, these planes’ purpose is to be able to carry out a nuclear “first strike” and start a nuclear war.

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