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Naryshkin Says Western Hope of Inflicting ‘Strategic Defeat’ on Russia Is Merely a Pipedream

Russian foreign intelligence (SVR) chief Sergei Naryshkin warned on Dec. 14 that the West’s hope of inflicting a “strategic defeat” on Russia via Ukraine is a pipedream. “Now the United States and its NATO allies are cynically using the population of that country as cannon fodder in their aggression against Russia. By sending endless echelons of weapons and military equipment to the Kiev regime, the Americans and Europeans are trying to inflict on Moscow what the West customarily describes as strategic defeat, but the real situation on the ground shows [that] such dreams are hopelessly futile,” he said at the 19th meeting of the heads of security and intelligence services of the CIS member states, reported TASS. “Today the Westerners formulate their aim in a different way: ‘Russia must not be allowed to win.’ But they will have to abandon this postulate as well.”

Russian intelligence expects that the West will continue to use Ukraine’s territory for military purposes. “Indeed, politicians and government officials in Western countries realize the failure of the Ukrainian armed forces’ summer and fall counteroffensive against the Russian army, but still, they are unwilling to abandon their hypocritical strategy of using Ukraine as an expendable commodity, seeking to cause as much damage to Russia as possible,” Naryshkin told reporters following the meeting.

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