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Russia’s State Duma Speaker Warns Biden Has Destroyed Everything but the Dollar, and He Will Lose That, Too

As reported by RT, the Speaker of Russia’s State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin pulls no punches in describing the destruction Joe Biden has wrought by pursuing his vicious policy of destroying the rest of the world, thinking his own country and currency will survive unscathed. Think again.

He has unleashed military conflicts, launched trade wars and imposed sanctions, has organized terrorist attacks, and has destroyed Europe’s economy by denying it the right to access cheap Russian energy while financing an insane war in Ukraine. Did Biden think the U.S. economy or population wouldn’t be affected by all this? In truth, the only “tool of influence” left to Biden and the U.S. is the dollar, but increasingly it is being abandoned by countries that have been victimized by this weapon of “political battle.”

Constant U.S. threats against other nations and the use of the dollar against their sovereign interests, have deprived the U.S. of its “last advantage,” Volodin warns. Inside the U.S., confidence in the country and the dollar is waning. Internationally, there is a growing movement toward trade in national currencies, and in the end, countries will more aggressively abandon the dollar as the world’s reserve currency, to ensure their own financial security.