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Gaza Surgeon Questions, How Many Palestinians Must Die Before Biden Demands Ceasefire?

So, how much Palestinian blood has to be spilled before President Joe Biden will demand a ceasefire? That’s the question that a Palestinian surgeon has asked on Al Jazeera. “I want actually to ask the Biden administration and the leaders of the world and [those] who sent these prohibited mass destruction weapons to Israel,” said Dr Ahmed Moghrabi, head of plastic surgery at Nasser Hospital in Khan Younis in southern Gaza. “How many more of us have to die? Really, how many more of us have to die, as civilians? How many more videos do you have to see?”

Middle East Eye described him as heavily distraught, as he recounted having to work around the clock for 80 days to treat the Palestinian victims of constant Israeli bombardment. “Me, as a doctor here, as a surgeon here, I can’t save lives properly as I’m supposed to because I don’t have proper instruments,” he continued. Beyond that, patients are going hungry without food and thirsty without clean drinking water, according to Moghrabi. “Our children are not only dying from bombs or snipers or dragging them and executing them outside of their houses and executing them at the checkpoints; they are dying from hunger, from the cold, from the contamination of the water.

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