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Russian Intelligence Chief Warns of CIA Plot To Create Russian Government in Exile

Russian Foreign intelligence chief Sergey Naryshkin has warned that U.S. intelligence operatives are planning to create a fake Russian government-in-exile. Naryshkin discussed the plot with his counterparts of the Commonwealth of Independent States in Minsk on Dec. 14, where he also warned that CIS nations were being targeted by “color revolutions.” According to Naryshkin, the U.S. government plans to back the declaration of a new Russian nation-state and its self-proclaimed government that would operate outside the borders of the Russian Federation.

“It is no secret that the policy of the countries of the Western bloc toward countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States in general is becoming more and more aggressive, I would rather say, insolent,” he said. “Western organizations, above all the special services are using all possible measures, including schemes to carry out so-called color revolutions.

“The CIA is considering a project of creation of a virtual supposedly legitimate state outside of Russian Federation, a so-called ‘Russian Republic’ headed by a so-called ‘interim administration,’” Naryshkin explained. Naryshkin said the operation is designed to destabilize Russia in the context of the upcoming presidential elections in March 2024. He elaborated that the self-exiled opposition forces will also try to “create a network of anti-government cells inside Russia” to further their ambitions. While this operation will likely have little effect on the upcoming election, it will undoubtedly be used by nations in the West to design narratives on the illegitimacy of the Russian political process.

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