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Sweden and Finland Signing Defense Cooperation Agreements with U.S.

When the Swedish and Finnish governments decided to join NATO in 2022, they should have realized that they were in fact inviting the U.S. military behemoth onto their territories. Both countries are on the verge of approving agreements with the U.S. that will give the U.S. military nearly unfettered access to their military bases. The fact that Türkiye still hasn’t ratified Sweden’s accession to NATO is irrelevant to this process.

Under the agreement signed with Sweden on Dec. 13, the U.S. will have unimpeded access to and use of 17 Swedish military bases—so-called “agreed facilities and areas.” In these areas, the U.S. will be able to train and exercise, deploy forces, and preposition defense materiel—together with Sweden, reports High North News. Within and in the immediate vicinity of such areas, U.S. forces may exercise authority for security reasons.

The Swedish parliament must still ratify the agreement.

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