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To Save Lives in Gaza, Shut Off the Flow of Weapons to Israel

The matter at hand in Gaza is that there is no saving Palestinian civilians unless Israel’s campaign of genocide is brought to a stop. The U.S. can do that by stopping the flow of weapons going to Israel altogether. Progressive Democrats in the U.S. Senate are avoiding that matter by instead demanding that the Biden Administration step up monitoring of how Israel is using U.S.-supplied weapons in Gaza. In a letter to President Biden on Dec. 5, the senators, led by Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), focused on Israel’s use of 155mm artillery shells in crowded urban areas, reported The Hill, but, rather than demanding that the flow of these shells to the Israeli army be stopped, which would save civilian lives without question, they demand that President Biden invoke rules in U.S. law that require “that American weapons transferred to foreign governments, including Israel, are used in a manner consistent with protecting civilian lives.”

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