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Transnational Foundation Statement on Gaza Genocide, Offers Solutions Including Links to the Belt and Road

COPENHAGEN, Dec. 18, 2023 (EIRNS)—A very strong statement was issued Dec. 17 by the Swedish-based conflict resolution organization Transnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research against the genocide in Gaza, with suggestions for pathways to peace. It stresses that there is genocide, with documentation from genocide conventions. Also, importantly, the conflict resolution section includes economic cooperation: “There are many possible elements—tie peace into economic and political mechanisms and relations; think of cantons and autonomies; think of mutually beneficial/cooperative uses of territories; think of the relations of it all with the Rest of the World, including the Global South. Tie it in with China’s Belt and Road Initiative, BRI.”

The TTF was initiated by Danish-Swedish peace and future researcher Jan Øberg. He addressed the Schiller Institute in Denmark’s online conference for a new security and development architecture on May 25, 2022, and subsequently the Ukrainian government’s hit list, Center for Countering Disinformation, included his name together with the others of the conference speakers.