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U.A.E. Tells Israel, ‘We Need To See a Viable Two-State Solution Plan for Gaza, a Serious Road Map Before We Talk about Rebuilding Infrastructure’

The U.A.E. struck back against the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s statements in the Knesset on Dec. 11, that after Israel levels the Gaza Strip, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia will finance Gaza’s reconstruction—and added that they will help the reconstruction only after a two-state solution is implemented.

“The message is going to be very clear: We need to see a viable two-state solution plan, a road map that is serious before we talk about the next day and rebuilding the infrastructure of Gaza,” U.A.E. Ambassador to the UN Lana Nusseibeh told the Wall Street Journal yesterday, reported the Times of Israel. “The road map is: the Israelis and the Palestinian Authority and a grouping of countries that have leverage on the both of them sitting around the table and saying, ‘That’s the endgame we’re going to work to. The work starts here. This is the timeline, and it starts now.’” She added that Egypt, Jordan and other Muslim countries should also be part of the effort, along with European powers.

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