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Even the Washington Post understands that Ukraine in the European Union is an unsustainable proposition. It will change the nature of the bloc, shifting the balance of power, the impact on the agriculture market and the weights of the EU budget.

Ukraine is the fifth most populous country in Europe: it could count on 9% in qualified majority voting (at least 55% of member countries with at least 65% of the population, the system with which many decisions are taken in the EU) and is by far the poorest; therefore, it would absorb most of the subsidies if the rules remain the same.

Germany would move, with Ukraine’s entry, from 18.6% of the vote, when qualified majority voting takes place, to 16.9%. Poland and Ukraine would have the same power together as Germany.

The Post does not suspect that perhaps, this is exactly what someone wants. Moreover, it does not touch upon the military-strategic aspect, as an EU member is de facto member of NATO.

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