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Wall Street Threatens Team Biden: Unleash Israel for Genocide or We’ll Sink Your Re-election

The Editorial Board of the Wall Street Journal celebrated Friday’s end to the seven-day “pause” in Israel’s carpet-bombing of Gaza in its Dec. 1 signed editorial. These Wall Street predators strenuously protest, however, that President Joe Biden, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, et al. have suggested to Israel that it should seek to limit civilian deaths and injuries, “avoid further significant displacement of civilians inside Gaza,” and “keep fuel flowing” into Gaza.

“War is back against Hamas, but will the Biden Administration let Israel win?” the editorial asks. Even the (disgusting) proposal that Israel drive the entire people of Gaza into ever-smaller “safe zones” is too much for Wall Street’s warmongers. “What should Israel do when Hamas positions itself in these zones? That’s how it used hospitals and schools in the north. Could Israel attack Hamas in those sanctuaries?”

“Israel deserves U.S. support as it topples Hamas,” the Journal demands. If that support is conditioned, the Journal editors threaten, “Israelis may find that victory requires calling the President’s bluff. Turning on Israel in wartime would alienate the much larger pool of pro-Israel American voters.”

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