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What Is the Real Target of "Prosperity Guardian" in the Red Sea?

Mohammed Ali Al-Houthi, a top leader in Yemen, accused the US government of targeting the “Chinese Silk Road” with their “Prosperity Guardian” naval deployment in the Red Sea. Al-Houthi posted a long statement on Twitter, in which he wrote: “The Americans are trying to justify what they are doing to continue targeting the Chinese Silk Road by implementing the alternative path that they drew and announced at the India [G20] summit. China did not accept the alternative path [the India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor, IMEC], and refused to participate in the India summit and its outcomes. We hold the Americans responsible for moving in this maritime alliance that harms international navigation. We say to the Americans that you are attacking international shipping by militarizing the Red Sea, and we hold you responsible for any consequences that may occur.”

Otherwise, Al-Houthi encouraged his “brothers in Hamas” to continue fighting and refuse “dialogue with Israel.”

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