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Argentine Unions Mobilize vs Shock Therapy, as Milei Announces More Drastic Measures

Today, three trade union federations plus the Association of State Sector Workers (ATE), other unions and leftist groupings, gathered in downtown Buenos Aires to march to the main court complex where leaders of the CGT trade union federation filed paperwork demanding an injunction against the draconian Urgency and Necessity decree (DNU) announced Dec. 20 by President Javier Milei. The provincial government of Buenos Aires has also filed an injunction against the DNU as well as charges that it is unconstitutional. Several more such filings are in the works.

Marches weren’t limited to Buenos Aires. There were protest actions in at least five other provinces. Battleaxe Security Minister Patricia Bullrich warned that any one who blocked the streets or interrupted traffic will automatically lose their social welfare subsidies.

Mad with power, Milei is warning Congress that if it doesn’t approve his DNU, he will be forced to hold a plebiscite to get it passed. In his first formal interview with the daily La Nación, he raved that his decree has a 75% approval rating and that it would of course be approved through a plebiscite. But, he added, why would anyone vote against something that is so obviously intended to help the Argentine people? This is what they want, this is what they voted for. Milei’s underlings have now agreed on phrases they should all use—such as, since he received 56% of the vote, clearly the majority is in favor of his policies, and those who oppose just can’t accept the fact that “they lost ‘’ the election.

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