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Would You Buy a Guarantee of ‘Civilian Safety’ from Israel's ‘New’ Warfare?

The sum and substance of Israel’s “agreement” with its U.S. ally to take more care in southern Gaza to protect civilians than in northern Gaza, appears to be the use of a webpage and QR codes to micromanage IDF orders to flee a certain area. A joint article today by Times of Israel and Agence France-Presse reported two senior military officials having described the new efforts to reduce the deaths of civilians below the current level of two dead civilians to one dead Hamas fighter. One of the officials offered that the 2:1 ratio might not be good, but: “Hopefully it [the ratio] will be much lower” in this new phase of the war, since the army is using, in the words of ToI, “high-tech mapping software to track population movements inside the Gaza Strip and issue evacuation orders.”

Times of Israel wrote: “The system incorporates cellphone and other signals, aerial surveillance and word from local sources, as well as AI, to maintain a constantly updating map showing population concentrations across the territory. Each of the map’s 623 cells are color-coded, with green designating areas where at least 75% of the population has evacuated.” Apparently, the target area on the map turns green when less than 25% of the population is still there, and that’s when the tanks and bombs are poured into that evacuated micro-area.

Israeli military spokesman Richard Hecht told to reporters today: “What civilians should do to stay safe is listen to the instructions that are coming out from our Twitter accounts, from our website, and also to look at the leaflets that are landing in their areas.” Now Palestinians in Gaza can go online to the IDF’s website or use the proper QR code on their cell phones and avoid being part of the extermination of Hamas. And credulous Washington officials are to take pride in their new understanding with Israel’s War Cabinet.

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