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Zelenskyy Uses Milei Inaugural To Organize Ibero-American Support for His Regime

Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s arrival for today’s inauguration of new Argentine President Javier Milei caused quite a splash. He arrived in a special armored vehicle—one of EIR’s Argentine friends called it a tank—with a phalanx of security personnel surrounding him. He managed to get dressed up for the occasion, abandoning his olive green military garb and wore a black long-sleeved jersey and gray slacks instead. He was surrounded by heads of state and other foreign dignitaries, who were appropriately dressed.

The Ukrainian President made use of his time at the inaugural celebration to do some organizing among the other Ibero-American heads of state, attempting to bolster bilateral relations, while he and Milei were seen warmly embracing and having a cozy chat. Later Zelenskyy wrote on X that he hoped that Milei and the Argentine people “will surprise the world with their success. I’m also sure that bilateral cooperation between Ukraine and Argentina will continue to grow,” adding he was confident that he would be able to count on Argentina’s support “at the United Nations.” Under the previous Fernández government that was not the case.

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