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Arab Intel Chiefs Meet To Discuss Palestinian Reform

Axios reported on Jan. 28 that Saudi Arabia had hosted a meeting on Jan. 18 with the intelligence chiefs of Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Palestine on how to reform the Palestinian National Authority to eventually take over the Gaza Strip, once the war ends. Held in Riyadh, the meeting was hosted by Saudi National Security Advisor Musaid al-Aiban, and included Palestine’s intel chief Majed Faraj along with his counterparts, Abbas Kamel from Egypt and Ahmad Husni from Jordan.

U.S. and Israeli officials were briefed on the meeting afterward by some of the participants, according to Axios, which cited two unnamed sources. Apparently, Faraj was told by his Arab counterparts that the PNA needs to conduct significant reforms in order to be better positioned to eventually retake control over the Gaza Strip. They also pressed for Palestine President Mahmoud Abbas to establish a new government and to hand over some of his powers to a prime minister, who would be empowered to enact necessary reforms.

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