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Argentine Legislators Demand Government Explain Why It Withdrew from the BRICS

Argentina’s former Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero, now a federal legislator, has joined with other Peronist deputies from the Union for the Fatherland (UxP) coalition to demand that the Milei government explain the basis for its decision to withdraw from the BRICS at the end of December and why it is determined to harm the nation with this decision. It had been scheduled to join the expanded BRICS on Jan. 1.

As reported by the Telam news agency Jan. 20, the group explained that the request for information “is based on the importance of establishing whether Argentina will also break with its integrationist tradition due to ideological prejudices or due to another particular decision by the federal government.” The UxP demands that the government provide “qualitative and quantitative data on the economic, political, strategic and cultural values which underlie this decision,” as it will cause “economic harm to regional economies by provoking new disputes with our primary trading partners"—especially China.

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