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At Least 23 Known Naval Vessels Operating in Red Sea Region

This news service counts at least 23 named naval vessels from seven different countries that are known to be operating in the Red Sea, the Gulf of Aden or the eastern Mediterranean in response to security conditions in that region. At least eight U.S. Navy ships are in or near the Red Sea, the aircraft carrier USS Dwight Eisenhower and its escort ships, the guided missile destroyers USS Gravely and USS Mason, and the guided missile cruiser USS Philippine Sea. Operating separately is the USS Carney, another guided missile destroyer. An Ohio-class guided missile submarine, identified in press reports as the USS Florida, is also in the region. Also deployed in the region is the Bataan Amphibious Ready Group (ARG), consisting of the assault ships USS Bataan, USS Carter Hall and USS Mesa Verde, although the Bataan and Carter Hall made a previously scheduled port visit to Piraeus, Greece on Jan. 11, leaving the Mesa Verde as the only one of the three currently underway.

The Royal Navy has two ships operating in the Red Sea, the guided missile destroyer HMS Diamond and the frigate HMS Lancaster. The HMS Richmond, also a frigate, deployed last week from Portsmouth on its way to the Red Sea. In addition, the French navy has deployed the frigate Languedoc, operating under French command, while the Italian navy deployed the frigate Virginio Fasan on Dec. 20, though it will be attached to the EU anti-piracy mission called Operation Atalanta. Greece is also reported to be deploying a ship to the Red Sea.

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