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Former Mafia Prosecutor Carlo Palermo Filed a Complaint Against Netanyahu for Genocide

Upon reading about the South Africa initiative at the ICJ, former Italian anti-Mafia prosecutor Carlo Palermo informed EIR that he had filed a complaint against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the International Criminal Court (ICC) on Nov. 6, 2023. Palermo raised allegations of genocide and requested an arrest warrant be issued against Netanyahu and, “to be impartial,” as he explained to EIR, against individual members of Hamas.

Palermo insisted on the existence of the “dolus specialis” (specific intent) by “perpetrator Prime Minister of Israel with regard to the following warranted offenses: (a) genocide against the people of Palestine in connection with the current invasion of the Gaza Strip; (b) genocide against the population of Israel itself by reason of the unjustifiable failure to take appropriate preventive defense measures against the terrorist action of Hamas.”

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