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Chas Freeman: Gaza War 'Has Destroyed U.S. Credibility Abroad'

Chas Freeman, a former U.S. ambassador to Saudi Arabia, said Blinken’s trip this week underscored the toll the war in Gaza has taken on the U.S.’s “convening power.” His comments are reported in an analysis published in the Middle East Eye, which makes the argument that the Biden Administration has failed to achieve any of its policy objectives.

“Blinken came to Israel with promises of support for a post-war Gaza plan by Türkiye and the Arab states, but it was just that, promises. No one committed to anything.” Freeman says the U.S. is increasingly isolated on the world stage as a result of its support for Israel.

“There is a tremendous disconnect between the administration and what’s happening globally,” Freeman said. “I think the war has destroyed U.S. credibility abroad. That has real-world consequences when you consider the war in Ukraine and competition with China.

“Other countries are going to sit these things out.”