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China Announces New Consortium for Development of Fusion Energy

China has formed a broad consortium to advance research in nuclear fusion technology and unveiled plans for a new national company, China Fusion Energy, Inc. South China Morning Post published an exciting report today on developments intended to ensure China meets its national goal of building an industrial prototype fusion reactor by 2035, and enjoy large-scale commercial fusion power by 2050.

The consortium was launched Dec. 29 at a conference promoting the development of a controlled nuclear fusion industry on the theme “Nuclear Power Sets Sail for the Future of Fusion,” with the goal of focusing national resources and industry efforts on nuclear fusion development through high-temperature superconductors, large-capacity energy storage and tritium production. The consortium, led by China National Nuclear Corp. (CNCC), comprises 25 government-owned enterprises and research institutes, including some of the country’s largest energy and steel firms, such as State Grid Corp., China Three Gorges Corp. and China Baowu Steel Group Corp. Ltd.

“Controlled nuclear fusion as an ideal solution to the global energy challenge has become the forefront of scientific and technological competition among major countries,” CNNC VP Cao Shuong told SCMP.

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