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Chinese Breakthrough in 50-Year, Nuclear Energy Battery Technology

COPENHAGEN, Jan. 18, 2024 (EIRNS)—Beta Volt New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. of China has achieved a significant milestone. It has successfully developed a miniature nuclear energy battery that combines nickel-63 nuclear isotope decay technology with China’s first diamond semiconductor module. This innovation, which marks the fusion of two cutting-edge fields, enables the miniaturization, modularization, and cost-effectiveness of atomic energy batteries and initiates the civilian economy development process. The Beta Volt Atomic Energy Battery boasts 50 years of stable self-generation without the need for recharging or maintenance, and has entered the pilot stage to be mass-produced for the market. “Atomic energy batteries, also known as nuclear batteries or radioisotope batteries, work by utilizing the energy released by the decay of nuclear isotopes, which is absorbed by semiconductor converters and converted into electricity.”

This revolutionary technology is expected to meet the power needs of various sectors, including aerospace, AI devices, medical devices, MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical systems) advanced sensors, small drones, and micro-robotics, among others. This means that China has achieved innovation in two high-tech fields, nuclear energy battery and fourth-generation diamond semiconductor, at the same time, and is far ahead of European and American research institutions and enterprises.

The breakthrough in nuclear energy battery technology represents a significant advance in the semiconductor field, especially in the use of diamond semiconductors. The capabilities extend beyond, and include new ultra-long carbon nanotube materials, which are at the core of the company’s technology and innovation. Beta Volt plans to continue research into isotopes such as strontium-90, promethium-147, and deuterium, to develop more powerful batteries with longer lifetimes.

Beta Volt chairman and CEO Zhang Wei said: “Beta Volt’s atomic energy battery is the core of the fourth generation of diamond semiconductor, which is known in the industry as the ultimate semiconductor material, in the global semiconductor field of science and technology competition.” The Chinese firm is currently the world’s only company capable of large-scale production of diamond semiconductor materials, and high-efficiency diamond converters are the key to the production of nuclear batteries.

Most of this information is taken from a machine translation of an article by Beta Volt. It was also reported in the Danish press.