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China’s Foreign Minister Seeks Measures To Stabilize U.S.-China Relations

Speaking at a reception in Beijing on the Jan. 5th commemoration of the 45th anniversary of China-U.S. diplomatic relations, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said bilateral cooperations is “not something dispensable or optional…. It is something we must do, and do well.” He said that the two nations must ensure peaceful coexistence with effective management of disagreements as the top priority: “Disagreements between the two nations should not lead to confrontation, still less willful sanctions, power politics, hegemonism or a zero-sum game.”

He continued: “What is needed is a vision and an unwavering commitment to seeking common ground while shelving differences and allowing no disagreements or differences to dominate or disrupt the bilateral relationship.” Rather, the two nations should “remove barriers to exchanges, break false information cocoons, forge closer links between the two peoples, and generate more positive energy for China-U.S. relations.”

He concluded: “Both sides should continue to make full use of various mechanisms restored or established in the fields of diplomacy, economy, finance, commerce, agriculture and other fields, build bridges of communication as soon as possible, pave the road for cooperation, and eliminate various barriers to exchanges between the two countries.”