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Diane Sare Message of Support to the German Farmers

As an “unaffiliated” (non-partisan) candidate for U.S. Senate from the State of New York (which is losing its family farmers by the day), I send my support to the farmers of Germany, and all who stand with you, which I have heard is the majority of the German population, even if they have yet to join you in the streets.

I know that just as the December 16th 1773 Boston Tea Party has been belittled to a squabble about “taxation without representation,” when much more was at stake, your battle is not merely about loss of subsidies for the high cost of diesel fuel, the low prices you receive for your product, the rampant wolves attacking your sheep, and other supposedly “green” policies, but the issue is all of that and more! It has become clear to you that if the current policies continue, there will be no more farms, and people will starve.

We face the same assault on agriculture here in the United States, and similar hardship with all aspects of the supply lines which deliver food to the people: The roads are in disrepair, if it rains, it floods—as if water management were a secret known only in ancient Egypt—and the cost of feed and supplies has dramatically increased, but what farmers and other producers are paid has not.

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