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Explosions Hit Sites of Ukraine's Nazi Collaborators Bandera and Shukhevich

The Ukrainian city of Lviv honors Nazi collaborator Stepan Bandera, with a statue in front of the main building of Lviv’s National Agrarian University and also with torchlight marches. His supporters have regularly gathered at the statue to honor Bandera.

Yesterday, on Bandera’s birthday, an explosion blew off the roof of that building, though the statue was left undamaged. However, the same day, the house/museum dedicated to fellow Nazi collaborator, Roman Shukhevich, was completely destroyed in an explosion. The statue of Shukhevich sustained some damage, but was not destroyed. Lviv’s Mayor Andrey Sadoviy attributed the damage to Russian drones. So far, Russia’s Defense Ministry has not commented, although Russia has defined the de-Nazification of Ukraine as a goal of its special military operation.

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