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Former Argentine Ambassador Tells China, the Decision To Abandon BRICS Is ‘Truly Astonishing’

In an exclusive interview with Global Times published Jan. 5, Argentina’s former Ambassador to Beijing Sabino Vaca Narvaja described the decision by the Milei government to reject joining the BRICS as “truly astonishing. This harms our country’s interests.” The former ambassador is a Sinologist who served in Beijing for the four years of the Alberto Fernández government and maintained an excellent working relationship with China’s top leadership. “Many of our production sectors and local economies are heavily reliant on trade with China,” he explained. “China is also a major investor and lender for Argentina’s infrastructure.” Moreover, he said, China and Argentina mutually support each other on many crucial political issues.

Milei’s alignment with the U.S, Israel and other “free nations” like Ukraine will change that, however, and he will soon be disabused of his fantasy that the U.S. will be a key source of financing for development.

In an affront to the five original BRICS members—Russia, China, India, Brazil and South Africa—Milei wrote them on Dec. 30, 2023, explaining that joining the BRICS at this time would be “inappropriate,” and that he disagreed with commitments made to the BRICS by former President Fernández. In a further insult, Milei’s ignorant Foreign Minister Diana Mondino stated last week that the BRICS countries “really aren’t that important,” and that it would be a “distraction” for Argentina to join (see separate slug).

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