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Francis Boyle Insists, All Americans Need To Study South Africa's Case Against Israeli Genocide

Professor Francis Boyle.

Francis Boyle, famous for arguing before the International Court of Justice on the Genocide Convention, and winning two rulings in the landmark case of Bosnia against Yugoslavia, stated in a Jan. 2 interview with Democracy Now! that, after a careful review of all the documents so far submitted in South Africa’s charge of Israeli genocide, he believes that South Africa will win the ruling for Israel to cease and desist. He added that, based upon his experience with the ICJ, the ruling should come within a week or so after the hearing.

Once that happens, he explained, all 153 signers of the Genocide Convention will be obliged to prevent Israel’s genocide. The Biden administration will stand condemned under article 3, paragraph (e) of the Genocide Convention that criminalizes complicity in genocide. He referred to “my friends” at the Center for Constitutional Rights who are prosecuting a lawsuit on this basis against U.S. President Joe Biden, Secretary of State Tony Blinken and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, and he added that they are also “in violation of the Genocide Convention Implementation Act that makes genocide a crime under United States law.”

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