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French Historian Calls U.S. Trapped, Unable To See the ‘Ruinous Condition of Its Own Industrial Potential’

Emmanuel Todd, a French historian apparently well known in Russia, made the interesting case that the U.S. is trapped in Ukraine as a result of self-deception about the strength of its own industrial potential. TASS reported that Todd said in a Jan. 11 interview with French TV network, BFMTV: “The U.S. has fallen into a trap in Ukraine, finding itself at the very center of a confrontation with Russia. This trap emerged due to Ukrainian nationalism, Washington’s illusions about the possibility of causing Russia to disappear and its inability to see the ruinous condition of its own industrial potential. The West has condemned Ukraine to terrible suffering by instilling in it the illusion that it has enough means to support Kiev in the war.”

“The Americans are now saying that they are going to make Patriot missiles in Germany.” His reference is to a NATO announcement last week of a contract award to Raytheon and MBDA to produce 1,000 Patriot missiles at a German plant. He stressed: “This, of course, is due to the fact that they are unable to make them themselves, as they no longer have the necessary industrial resources.” He believes that “one of Washington’s goals is to prevent a rapprochement between Russia and Germany.” According to the scholar, “the U.S. is pursuing a policy of geopolitical terror.” However, he forecasts: “That policy is doomed to failure. The West will lose.”

Todd also pointed to the degradation of the ruling elite in the United States. “I have analyzed in detail the mood of the ruling class in the United States. The representatives of this class have no morality. They prefer only war and money. They would like to trigger chaos in Eurasia,” he believes. “The best thing that could happen for Europe is the U.S. pullout.”

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