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Hitmen Kill Ecuadorian Prosecutor Who Was Investigating Drug Cartels

Ecuadorian prosecutor César Suárez, who was investigating the Jan. 9 assault on a Guayaquil public TV station by members of a drug gang, was assassinated yesterday in the Los Ceibos district of the city as he was driving his car. Three individuals were involved in the murder.

This is the sixth murder of a prosecutor in Ecuador since 2022, and even though Suárez was involved in other very high-profile cases related to drug gangs, corruption, and organized crime, he had no police protection. According to Argentina’s Noticias Argentinas news agency today, Ecuador’s Attorney General Diana Salazar put out a message on X stating that “organized crime groups, criminals and terrorists will not halt our commitment to Ecuadorian society,” but added, “we call on the forces of order to guarantee the safety of those of us who are performing our duties.”

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