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In a War with Russia, It Will Be Europeans That Will Use Tactical Nuclear Weapons

A senior strategic analyst told EIR that it is Europe that will begin planning to use tactical nuclear weapons in the unlikely possibility of a Russian attack against Europe.

Swiss Lt. Col. Ralph Bosshard (ret.), when asked to comment on all the recent pronouncement by military and political European leaders that Europe must be prepared for a war against Russia by as early as 2025, replied, first, that Russians have no intention to attack Europe. Second, all the talk about war mobilization, including a massive buildup of weaponry, and even re-instituting conscription, will come up against reality. The productive capability is not there, and would require huge sums. Colonel Bosshard pointed to the fact that attempting to legislate reintroducing conscription would be highly controversial and could take as long as 10 years if at all possible.

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