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Israeli Health Ministry Orders Doctors Not To Cooperate with UN Investigation of Hamas Atrocity

The Western media have accepted uncritically that, beyond Hamas’s violent terrorist actions of Oct. 7, resulting in the deaths of up to 800 or so Israeli civilians, Hamas raped women, burned children, and beheaded babies. The UN’s Council for Human Rights had set up an Independent International Commission of Inquiry to investigate such allegations of violations of human rights in both Israel and Palestine. The Times of Israel now reports that Israel’s Health Ministry yesterday ordered their doctors: “not to cooperate with the Independent International Commission of Inquiry on the Occupied Palestinian Territory…. In recent weeks, senior physicians and hospital staff who treated Oct. 7 victims and released hostages have received letters and emails from the commission, which operates under the UN Council for Human Rights. The commission requested information and interviews for its investigation of international and gender-based crimes…. Israel’s Kan public broadcaster reported that the Justice Ministry instructed the legal department of the Health Ministry to tell Israeli doctors and others involved in the care of Oct. 7 victims and released hostages not to speak with the committee of inquiry.”

So, the UN is investigating Israeli claims of human rights violations, and Israel is unwilling to even have the alleged actions of Hamas examined. Israel has criticized the UN for not paying attention to the atrocities of Hamas on Oct. 7, and now, also for attempting to look into them.

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lior Haiat provided the explanation: The UN commission is—wait for it—"an anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic body.” And they can show that “the three people chosen to head it are famous anti-Semitic and anti-Israel people.” For example, Australia’s Chris Sidoti, in July 2022, had “dismissed accusations of anti-Semitism against the commission, saying they were being ‘thrown around like rice at a wedding. It is a tragedy and a travesty to trivialize anti-Semitism for political purposes, to rob it of its content, to use it as a shield for ordinary criticism of the actions of a state.’”

Apparently, it is better not to have the UN examine the alleged medical evidence of the rapes, the burning of children, the beheading of infants, etc., rather than submit to such famous anti-Semites.