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Israel’s High Court Rules Against Ben-Gvir’s Suppression of Demonstrations

Israel’s National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir has been illegally trying to undermine and suppress rallies against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s “court reform” over the last year. Israel’s High Court of Justice had ruled last year that he was not permitted to do so. However, the racist ideologue is a persistent fellow. In November 2023, several organizations petitioned the High Court seeking to prevent Ben-Gvir from instructing the police on how to respond to certain protests, after he had both spoken out against a rally calling for a ceasefire in Gaza and made clear his belief that it should not be allowed to take place.

Today the court ruled that Ben-Gvir had violated and that he was still violating their pre-war order, and they issued an interim injunction barring him from giving operational orders to police forces regarding how they manage demonstrations and how they use force during protests. Ben-Gvir issued a statement slamming the court’s “outrageous decision,” claiming it “denied [his] authority to suppress support for the enemy during a time of war.”

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