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Jeffrey Sachs on 'Saving Israel by Ending Its War in Gaza'

“Israel’s brutality in Gaza is becoming a true threat to Israel’s survival,” writes Columbia Professor Jeffrey Sachs for CommonDreams. “Because of Israel’s extraordinary violence, the world is uniting against Israel…. Incredibly, some Israeli leaders are now openly advocating an even wider war in the Middle East, one that could well spell utter disaster for Israel.”

Sachs writes that continuing to send arms packages to Israel would be contrary not only to U.S. interests but also to Israeli interests. “The only path to real security for Israel is peace with Palestine.”

He refers to his November proposal for a diplomatic path to a two-state solution, saying that this is the best way forward.

On the Oct. 7 attack by Hamas, Sachs thinks that the attack did not represent a new ability developed by Hamas, but rather “a shocking failure of Israeli security.” Because re-fortifying the border and addressing the intelligence failures can serve the goal of protecting Israel from Hamas without destroying the Gaza Strip, Israel’s actions aim at a “more basic objective”—"to solidify its total control over ‘Greater Israel.’”

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