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Lavrov Targets Military-Industrial Complex in His UN Speech

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov targetted the military-industrial complex and their profit making in his on site address the UN Security Council on Jan. 22, referring to them as the major cause for continuing the war in Ukraine. While outlining the policy of the Western elites to use Ukraine to weaken Russia, he also went after the crass motives of the arms manufacturers to make a profit over the death of thousands of Ukrainians and Russians.

“U.S. President George Biden even called this situation ‘an excellent investment.’ Similar thoughts were expressed by other American officials and their colleagues from Foggy Albion,” said Lavrov, reflecting some of the arguments used by the Biden Administration to sell the war to Congress. “Trying to get opponents in Congress to agree to a new aid package for Ukraine, representatives of the current administration sound even more cynical. From their speeches, we learned, in particular, that 90% of the military budget allocated by the Americans to the Kiev regime remains in the United States and goes to the development of the country’s military-industrial sector and the renewal of weapons. The old ‘junk’ is disposed of in Ukraine.… U.S. Secretary of State A. Blinken emphasizes that continued assistance to Ukraine is a guarantee of creating new jobs in the United States. As if we are not talking about financing a war that has already claimed hundreds of thousands of lives in Ukraine, but about some kind of profitable business project.

“It’s probably time for the Europeans—I’m addressing their sensible part—to wake up and understand that, with the help of Zelenskyy’s regime, the United States is not only waging a war against Russia, but is also solving the strategic task of sharply weakening Europe as an economic competitor. Washington undermined its energy security, provoking dangerous crisis trends in the European economy and social sphere. I won’t even focus on the topic of terrorist attacks on the Nord Stream pipelines….” commented Lavrov. He also noted that the Europeans, who were providing their own weaponry to Ukraine, would also have to purchase new weapons from “the death merchants” in Washington.

The same thing goes for how they are warning that Russia will attack other countries. “We … will probably hear today from our Western colleagues a crafty thesis that boils down to the fact that ‘if Russia stops fighting, the war will end, and if Ukraine stops fighting, Ukraine will end.’ The highest echelons of the United States even agreed that after this Russia would attack Poland, the Baltic states, and Finland. You can’t come up with anything in the hope of extorting money from Congress and European parliaments, convincing them of the need to continuously help Ukraine to the detriment of its citizens to the last dollar and euro,” he said.

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