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Lyndon LaRouche on the Subject of ‘Redemption’

Lyndon LaRouche responded to a question posed to him on the subject of “redemption” during the Q&A session of the Sept. 6, 1992 Schiller Institute/ICLC conference.

“I don’t wish to foreclose the possibility of redemption. As I said, I don’t think the redemption of Henry Kissinger is a likely event. But if God saw fit to effect such a miracle, I think we probably would accept it.

“What I would propose is that there is a certain kind of hatred that is absolutely necessary. And we have to see that—as I’ve tried to emphasize in the paper to be published, I believe next year, on the subject of God—that the enemy we have are not really human beings, but human beings who have been reduced to zombie-like `pod people’, should we say?... Trustees, attorneys of law firms that provide financial advice, corporate officials, university professors and so forth, who live under the power of an aggregation of financial institutions, including charitable foundations, which are analogous to … the modern American equivalent of the Venetian Fondo.

“These powerful entities constitute the ruling oligarchy. Now these institutions, who live by usury and the power associated with it, are murdering tens of millions of Africans and so forth and so on.

“These things must be destroyed. We must direct our hatred not against men and women as such, but against those Principalities and Powers, such as these charitable foundations which rule our society. If we do not have that hatred, we will not muster the strength to fight the enemy.”