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Mexican Farmers Back Protests by German Producers

The following statement was issued today by the “National Front for Saving the Mexican Countryside,” an organization formed last year to unite producers from more than 20 Mexican states in the fight for their right to produce:

To German producers and the German people.

Few evils, at the global level, point so strongly to the existential crisis we are suffering, and one of them, without a doubt, is the irrational economic policy that threatens food production and its producers.

Aware of this, the agricultural producers of Mexico gathered in the National Front for Saving the Mexican Countryside, are in solidarity with and support the mobilizations of the producers and the German people, who during the last two weeks have mobilized thousands of tractors and other farm equipment in rejection of the tax measures, withdrawal of subsidies, impositions to reduce cultivated areas, and a whole number of restrictions that are the result of an economic model aimed at favoring the large agro-financial corporations.

We are facing supranational powers that glorify an impossible world, oriented to the reduction of the population by means of war and hunger.

Nothing of what your government imposes on you is unknown to us. In Mexico, we suffer the same evils, because we have governments that have surrendered to the same global powers. Here we are also mobilizing. When ordinary politicians surrender and cower, the time of the people necessarily arrives.

We would like our words to reach the other side of the Atlantic, and for the producers of Germany to know that, with your mobilizations you are also representing the feeling, the identity and the purpose of all the producers of the world: to put an end to the hunger of our peoples.

Even that moral and human commitment alone is sufficient motivation to correct the trade and tax insanity, as well as the ill-intentioned environmentalist policies which are the result of an unjust international financial system and threaten food production, policies which see in the spread of hunger an ally of their twisted concept of sustainability.

We are in that struggle; and we also hope that this message of support lays the first stone in the construction of an international alliance of producers.

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