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NBC News ran a long “analysis” article Jan. 18 portraying the lumbering dynamics of the U.S. attempt to get Saudi Arabia to agree to the possibility of recognition of Israel, break relations again with Iran, (and stay away from China, although that is not discussed in this article the way the other two objectives are). The claim here is that more than half a dozen U.S. Senators, their leading organizer being Lindsey Graham (R-SC), and also Mark Warner (D-VA), have been doing the organizing meetings with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman at his resort since early December, while also having discussions with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (again not mentioned, but this is the same time at which U.S. President Joe Biden evidently stopped his communications with Netanyahu).

These Senators are promising to deliver the bipartisan votes for Senate ratification of a U.S.-Saudi treaty of mutual defense, along with nuclear power cooperation, as parts of such a “deal.”

On one hand, this appears no different than the offer in August-September 2023, when keeping Saudi Arabia away from China, and China National Nuclear Corporation, was the main idea. Both then and now, such a “deal” is premised on a Netanyahu impossibility—his breaking with the religious Zionist parties in his coalition, and also surviving politically. Thus, the NBC article hypes that this “deal” would bet “a big win” and “a war exit strategy” for Netanyahu, according to NBC’s allegedly numerous U.S. official and political sources. But then as now, the Saudi condition—Israeli commitment to an “eventual” Palestinian state and Palestinian rights—is refused flatly by Netanyahu’s government.

Netanyahu is nonetheless the U.S. instrument for another objective: trying to detonate the BRICS, by his slaughter in Gaza and war on the Palestinians. Netanyahu’s war is to set the entire region of the five new BRICS members on fire with wars and threats of general war; so, Netanyau is welcome to keep escalating, in the view of these warmongers, until the BRICS, they hope, is seriously damaged—with the collateral damage potentially including the human race.