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Neocons Hysterical over New Screening Process for Chinese Migrants

According to a Jan. 7 article in the New York Post, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), in order to expedite processing of Chinese migrants entering the U.S. has modified its screening process by reducing the number of questions Chinese migrants are required to answer when vetted from 40 to 5. Questions include military service, universities attended, place of birth, employment record and political party affiliation.

This “watered down screening process” has caused hysteria among anti-China neo-cons within the U.S. establishment. Emblematic is a statement given to the New Post by the House Select Committee on the Chinese Communist Party saying: “Americans do not want America’s foremost adversary facilitating the flow of fentanyl into our country or sending thousands of people across our border illegally.” Timothy Heath, a senior defense researcher at the RAND Corp.—one of the premier think tanks of the military-financial complex—warned in impeccable English, that “any simplification [of the screening process] risks raising the risk that unwanted individuals slip through the cracks.”

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