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On-the-Ground Reports from Argentina Warn of ‘Silent Genocide’

Very close Argentine friends of The LaRouche Organization and the Schiller Institute reported yesterday that their country is undergoing a process of “silent genocide,” and that they are preparing for worse days ahead but are building a determined resistance to the murderous policies of Libertarian lunatic, President Javier Milei. Some key markers of the situation include the official 25% inflation rate just for the month of December, the highest monthly rate since the early 1990s. Food prices also jumped by 30% just in December, and the out-of-control inflation, at an annual rate of 200%, is eating away at wages and pensions. Over the same one month, the cost of medicine has soared by 85-90%, and in some cases, by 300%. The peso devaluation is in the range of 120%.

The insane “urgency and necessity” decree (DNU), introduced into the Congress on Dec. 29, and which deregulates the entire economy, eliminates the role of the state, and usurps the powers of the Congress, must be voted up or down in its entirety by a special bicameral commission; but until that happens, the DNU remains in effect. One source emphasized that in this situation, mobilization in the streets, looking toward the Jan. 24 general strike called by the CGT trade union federation, will be key and activity and plans for this are growing nationwide. Discontent with Milei’s policies is also increasing, although there is still a portion of the population that doesn’t want to accept the implications of his economic program.

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