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‘Our Movement Is Based on the Ideas of Lyndon LaRouche’

Helga Zepp-LaRouche. Credit: EIRNS

Lyndon LaRouche’s political movement, led now by Schiller Institute founder Helga Zepp-LaRouche, has clearly become a critical force against economic collapse and world war, and toward an international architecture of development. On successive days last week, Helga Zepp-LaRouche led international conference calls of hundreds of mobilized people: first, of peace organizations, leading scholars and activists; then, of youth organizations and leaders from all over the world.

On their actions right now, stopping the spread of world war depends. And they are learning why Lyndon LaRouche’s entire political life designed the successful scientific and industrial development of the “Global South” countries. It is to constrict or stop that development that the United States, drawn into British colonial imperialism, has forces spread over 175 countries, according to a BBC review Jan. 20. It is to stop the development thrust of the BRICS nations from becoming a new international credit and development system, that the United States government is leaning into escalations of Israel’s war on Gaza, trying to set fires among BRICS cooperating nations. For the “Wolfowitz Doctrine” that no group of nations may be allowed to compete with U.S. power, it grotesquely abuses the dollar’s “reserve” status to borrow and deploy a military budget of nearly $1 trillion/year.

LaRouche’s movement is fighting for South Africa’s just application for World Court measures to protect Palestinians from genocide. It is re-establishing, through Diane Sare’s U.S. Senatorial campaign, the vanished “presidential” quality of political leadership by commitment to principle and courage of convictions. They are the principles and convictions of LaRouche’s example.

Zepp-LaRouche told the young people on the large global discussion Jan. 20:

“Our movement is based on the ideas of Lyndon LaRouche, who developed a method of thinking, which is based on physical economy. It’s based on a method of identifying the axioms of thinking—not just going by what people say, but immediately looking at it analytically—identify the axioms and assumptions on which certain statements are made; and that way, you find an unmistakable key to every area of knowledge. That method of thinking enabled him to already make a prognosis about the present situation, today, where we have a systemic collapse of the neo-liberal order. He already identified that in 1971 when President Nixon decoupled the dollar from the gold reserve standard and introduced floating exchange rates. Because he recognized that the taking down of the old Bretton Woods system—the credit system which was established in the postwar period—and replacing it with a system which was entirely oriented towards the profit maximization, and therefore, the disrespect for the common interest for the general population; that that would lead inevitably to a new depression, a new fascism, and the danger of a new nuclear war, unless you would replace this system with a completely different economic order….

“That method of thinking is very much associated with understanding what is it that makes society move forward; what is the source of wealth? Namely, that is entirely the creative powers of the individual, which is able, again and again, to come up with new ideas, identifying qualitative breakthroughs in science, in great art; identifying principles which give us new insight in how the physical universe works. When we apply these principles in the production process, it leads to an increase of the productivity of the people, of the industrial capacity, and the productivity in general, leading to an increase in physical wealth, again, and again, and again. So, it is not the possession of raw materials. It is not the control of the terms of trade—what the free-market economists are saying: It is entirely the ability of the human mind to use its creative powers to make discoveries of physical principles, qualitatively new principles. Then, apply them in the production, and in this way, increase the power of man over nature and over the universe. And that is the right which has been denied to the developing countries until the recent struggle where the Global South is insisting that you have to apply your innate right to apply this principle to your own economies.”