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Palestinian Orchestra in Ramallah Thanks South Africa with Its National Anthem, Also Played in Mexico City Rally

In gratitude to South Africa for filing its genocide case before the UN’s ICJ, Palestinians played the South African national anthem in Ramallah at the Nelson Mandela Square. The execution by the orchestra, largely youth, was not perfected, but the spirit was magnificent. Notable also in the short clip posted on YouTube, TikTok, etc. by many proud South Africans, is the participation in the rally of Palestinian children waving the flag of their yet-to-be recognized nation.

LaRouche movement organizers report that the South African national anthem was also played at the end of the big rally for Palestine in Mexico City yesterday, also without words. The lyrics of South Africa’s anthem are in 5 of the nation’s 11 official languages! The theme of unity and ending conflict runs through the whole, culminating in the final verse, in English, which “... Sounds the call to come together, And united we shall stand. Let us live and strive for freedom, In South Africa our land.”