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Predatory Philanthropist Tastes Own Medicine

Bill Ackman, the billionaire oligarch who wants to suppress the anti-genocide movement on American campuses by arranging plagiarism scandals for college presidents, is now discovering that others can play that game as well. Business Insider has published an article which identifies four instances in which Ackman’s Israeli wife, Neri Oxman, had lifted passages from other scholars’ work, as well as from Wikipedia, in her doctoral dissertation, completed at MIT in 2010! She has admitted her errors and apologized.

Meanwhile, Ackman, furious at this obvious lèse majesté, tweeted: “It is unfortunate that my actions to address problems in higher education have led to these attacks on my family.” He announced that he is urgently funding a vast project to scrutinize the work of all current MIT faculty members, President Kornbluth, other officers of the corporation, and its board members, hoping to find instances of plagiarism or other embarrassing academic mistakes.