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Russia Rejects Accusation It's Using North Korean Missiles in Ukraine

On Jan. 9, the State Department released a statement signed by the U.S., 48 other countries, and the European Union, condemning North Korea’s alleged export of missiles to Russia, and Russia’s use of these missiles in Ukraine on at least two occasions, as violations of UN Security Council resolutions. “The transfer of these weapons increases the suffering of the Ukrainian people, supports Russia’s war of aggression, and undermines the global non-proliferation regime,” the statement claimed. “Russia’s use of D.P.R.K. ballistic missiles in Ukraine also provides valuable technical and military insights to the D.P.R.K.”

Vassily Nebenzia, Russia’s permanent representative to the UN, sharply criticized the statement during a UN Security Council meeting on Ukraine yesterday. “Today, Western members on the Council have read out copy-pasted statements about Russia allegedly using munitions from the D.P.R.K. in the course of its special military operation in Ukraine,” he said. “As is often the case, the instructions came from Washington. On Friday, White House spokesperson J. Kirby spread another fake on this topic when talking live to the reporters. Another interesting fact is that, on the same day, the spokesperson of Ukraine’s Air Force, Y. Ignat, denied this information. He said that Kiev did not have any evidence of that. It turns out that the United States replicates deliberately false information without even bothering to give a heads-up to its direct subjects.”

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