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Russia Says UNSC Resolution Was Not Authorization To Use Military Force Against the Houthis

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, during an interview yesterday with TV personality Vladimir Solovyov, argued that the resolution passed by the UN Security Council last week gives no one the right to carry out strikes against the Houthis. She added that not a single UN Charter article cited in the UN Security Council resolution on the Red Sea authorizes airstrikes. The resolution “lists neither countries nor possibilities nor instruments,” she said, reported TASS.

In New York, Iranian envoy to the UN Saeed Iravani told Newsweek that the U.S.-U.K. strikes amounted to a declaration of war against Yemen. “The actions taken by the United States and the U.K. in attacking Yemen constitute a flagrant violation of national sovereignty, a breach of international law, and a transgression of the United Nations Charter, ultimately amounting to a declaration of war against the Yemeni people,” he said, according to the transcript of the interview published by Tasnim. “This military aggression is indicative of the success of the Israeli regime’s lobbying in Washington to draw the U.S. into direct war and exacerbate the spill-over of conflicts to other parts of the region.”

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